Certified So: Redefining Happiness
The Waiter

And this

Is what the Lord

Has promised to reveal

To all

Who seek

To do the same.

To all

Who seek to feed

The needs of others first,

Instead of staying focused

On their own needs first,

Or on the things

They think they need

Or must attain.Philippians 2:1-4

So is a plate

Full of patience,

Printed on the menu?

Yet it seems like

You only have

A mustard seed of patience

Abiding in you?

If so,

Then don't wait

Until you think you have

Enough to fill the order.

And don't wait

Until it feels like

Your faith and love

Are growing stronger.

Because it's never been about

How much the waiter

Has to have.

But rather,

It has always been about

How much his Master

Always has.


Who from eternity,

Has always had

An infinite amount

And yet He often

Only gives us

Just a very small amount

To test us,

To see if we will still seek

To feed the needs

Of others first,

Even when it seems like,

There is not enough

For everyone

Who sits at every table.

"Increase my faith"

Is a prayer

We've often heard or said.