Certified So: Redefining Happiness
Seven Times

All the deep-seated sins

And sinful tendencies

That always seem

To overcome us

All the time.Isaiah 58


Did God

Ever promise us

That everything

He promised us

Will happen to us


Or should the word


More often

Come to mind?James 1:2-4, 12


Because sometimes,

Even deep-seated sins

Are conquered so fast

That we know

It had to be a miracle

Because we never could

Defeat them in the past!

But then again,

For other ordinary

Everyday sins,

The change of heart

We long for

Seem so


And so undetectable,

That Satan makes us

Want to stop

Dipping in the river

After only dipping

Six times.

He makes us

Want to stop

Seeking to encourage

Others all the time

Because the Lord doesn't seem

To heal us fast enough

To suit us all the time,

Because our deep-seated sins

Still seem to overcome us

All the time.

And, therefore,

We think we need to focus

On our own feeble faith

All the time

Instead of on

The needs of others.

By far,