Certified So: Redefining Happiness
The Still Small Voice

When Satan

Sought to find a way

To overcome Eve,

He did so

By cloaking his identity

And then by leading her

To think that he was someone

She could surely trust.Genesis 3:1-6

So, too,

He still tries to do

To this very day.

And yet whenever Satan

Seeks to emulate

The still small voice

Of conviction,1 Kings 19:11-13John 10:27

The very moment

That we heed his voice

Or start to pay attention,

Then the father of all lies,

Who hides behind

His Holy Spirit guise,

Starts to goad us

And constantly cajole us

To trust the Lord

And obey.

To trust the Lord

And obey?

But why

Would Satan ever want

To see us strive to live

A righteous life?

Because isn't he

The enemy

Of every high

And holy thought?

And doesn't he

Always seek to cause


For everyone

Who wants to do

What Jesus taught?John 14:23-24


But what the subtle Tempter

Hopes we don't know

Is how he often seeks

To hide his hatred

And his enmity

By cloaking his intentions

And his dark identity,

By sounding almost

Exactly like

The Holy Spirit

Speaking in our earIsaiah 30:21

Instead of sounding

Like our evil enemy.