Certified So: Redefining Happiness
Seven Times

We think we need to do

To be in better

Spiritual health?

Isn't this

The underlying reason

Why we read our Bible?

And why we meditate?

And why we pray?

Isn't it

So we can strengthen

Our faith first,

So we can overcome

The things that seem

So hard to overcome?

Or isn't it

So we can deepen

Our love for God the Father


So our love for Him

Will far exceed

Our love for all

Our cherished sins?

Spiritually speaking,

In the way that Naaman

Sought to conquer leprosy,

He thought

The same thing too,

Which is why

He was so focused

On himself

And on what he thought

The Lord would surely do.

But did our Lord and Savior

Ever focus on Himself?Mark 10:35-45Romans 15:1-7

Or did He ever say,

That we really need to be

More focused

On ourselves?Matthew 23:11-12John 13:2-17


He didn't.


He always said

Our greatest need

Is to always focus

On the needs

Of someone else.Matthew 25:34-46


Is why He used

A self-centered man

With deep-seated leprosy

To help us see

The absolute necessity

Of overcoming

Deep-seated sins

And sinful tendency,