Certified So: Redefining Happiness

Summary: Feed Me First


ut how,

Pray tell,

Can just a mustard seed

Of patience be enough?

Or how can half an ounce

Of peace of mind suffice?

Or how

Can having hardly any

Happiness at all

Make anybody happy?

The only reason

Why it can,

Is because,

Even if we only have

An infinitesimal amount,

When we share it,

God has promised

To renew it

So we never

Run out!


Is the secret He concealed

In the mustard seed-sized


The widow fed Elijah.

And yet God has promised

To reveal it

To all who seek

To do the same.

To all

Who seek to feed the needs

Of others first,

Instead of being focused

On their own needs first,

Or on the things

They think they need

Or must attain.