Certified So: Redefining Happiness
Feed Me First

The word of Elijah;

And she

And he

And her household

Ate for many days.

The bin of flour

Was not used up,

Nor did the jar of oil

Run dry,

According to the word

Of the LORD

Which He spoke

By Elijah."1 Kings 17:13-16

"Feed me first!"


To the widow said.


To she whose child

Cried for bread.

She did,

But what about you?

Would you have fed

All the food you had

To a total stranger?

Not if you had been

Her friend or neighbor.

They hoarded their food,

And refused to share.

But could you blame them?

Because nobody knew

How long the drought

Would last.


The fact that she lacked

Sufficient food

Tells us something else


It tells us,

What every soul

In Zarephath said

Whenever the widow

Asked for food.

They said,

"I'm sorry neighbor,

But I cannot give you

Something I do not have."

Or they answered her

And said,

"We'd love to help you friend,

But our cupboards

Are not exactly

Overflowing either."

Note the kinds of things