Certified So: Redefining Happiness

When we need it,John 14:12-14

If we always seek to share it

With the very ones who need it

Before we stop to rest.Luke 12:22-34

For if we do,

Even when we think

We lack the strength to,

Then the boundless blessing

That He bound up in the rest

He promised usIsaiah 58:6-14

Will rest on us

Because our hearts

Are tightly bound

To He whose hands

Were nailed down

To the cross

Which those He loved

And labored for,

Lifted up on Calvary.Luke 23:33-34

Only then,

Did the hands of Jesus

Stop to rest.

For now He knew

That He had finally

Set us free at last

To focus on the needs

Of others first,

Just like Him,

So we could help them

Learn to labor first,

Just like Him,

Before they stop to rest.Matthew 28:18-20


Since a promise remains

Of entering His rest,

Let us fear

Lest any of you

Seem to have come

Short of it . . .

For he who has entered

His rest

Has himself

Also ceased

From his works

As God did from His."Hebrews 4:1, 10

"And when Jesus

Had cried out

With a loud voice,

He said,


Into Your hands

I commit My spirit.'

Having said this,

He breathed His last."Luke 23:46