Certified So: Redefining Happiness

Some of the above

Seems true,

None of the above

Sums it up,

Which is what

The Bible writer

Was alluding to

When he said,

"There remains


A rest

For the people of God.

For he who has entered

His rest

Has himself

Also ceased

From his works

As God did

From His."Hebrews 4:9-10

"For He has spoken

In a certain place

Of the seventh day

In this way:

'And God rested

On the seventh day

From all His works.' "Hebrews 4:4

God's work?

Compared to our work?

And His rest?

Compared to our rest?

But how can we,

Who oft grow faint

And weary,

Ever learn to rest

Like He

Who never does?Isaiah 40:28

The answer is,

That we never can

Learn to rest like Him,

And we never will

Learn to rest like Him,

Until we learn

To labor like Him.

Like He

Who labored to create us.Psalm 95:1-6

For in the dawn

Of our beginning,

The very genesis

Of life on Earth

And Adam's lineage

Did the Word of God

Who made the World say,John 1:1-14

"Let there be light."

And then He stopped