Certified So: Redefining Happiness

Summary: Seven Times


he twelve disciples

Just knew

That the Stranger

On the shore

Was surely all wet.John 21:3-6

But He wasn't.

And He still

Stands there yet,

Asking us to cast

Our empty net

Into the sea of the needs

Of those around us

To help them see

That our greatest need

Is to focus on the needs

Of those around us

Instead of being focused

On our empty net.

Because He,

From whose feet

Flows the River of Life,Revelation 22:1

Whose waters

Water the Tree of Life,

Whose leaves

Are for the healing

Of the nationsRevelation 22:2

Is the very same "He"

Whose feet were nailed

To the tree

That took His life,

Which becomes to us

A Tree of Life

If we let Him heal

All our deep-seated sins

And sinful tendencies

By daily dipping

In the flood of love

That flows from Calvary

Seven times.

By daily dipping

In the Spirit

And the power

Of He who,

Like a Mighty River,

Is always focused

On the needs of others

All the time!