Certified So: Redefining Happiness
The Waiter

To help them never have

A mustard seed

Of unbelief.

"And the apostles

Said to the Lord,

'Increase our faith.'

So the Lord said,

'If you have faith

As a mustard seed,

You can say

To this mulberry tree,

'Be pulled up by the roots

And be planted in the sea,'

And it would obey you.' "Luke 17:5-6

On the surface,

Jesus seemed to tell them

What He'd told them

Once before,

But if we listen in,

There is way more.

For this time,

With a simple illustration

That we all agree is true,

He takes the way

We think of faith,

And how we think

We're supposed to

Strengthen faith,

And made it

Something new.


Or was it just Elijah's

Timeless message,

Dusted off

And re-introduced?

"And which of you,

Having a servant plowing

Or tending sheep,

Will say to him

When he has come in

From the field,

'Come at once

And sit down to eat!'

But will he not rather

Say to him,

'Prepare something

For my supper,

And gird yourself

And serve me

Till I have eaten and drunk,


You will eat and drink?' "Luke 17:7-8

"Feed me first!"