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The Still Small Voice

Both our conscience

And every good conviction

Are gifts of God

To keep us from perdition.John 14:25-26John 16:7-11

But what if

We will not heed His voice

Or pay attention?

Will the still small voice

Become a little louder,

And then a little louder,

Until it shouts in our ear,

But then goes silent

If we will not listen?Psalm 66:18Proverbs 28:9

Or what if

We really truly

Want to live

A righteous life

But our weak will

Can't withstand the weight

Of strong temptations?

Will the still small voice

Become a little

More insistent

And then a little

More persistent

Until we're so

Sick of sinning

Or until we're so

Conscience smitten

That we finally

Can't resist it?Psalm 51:1-13

Some say

That this depicts the way

The Holy Spirit tries

To teach us.

And that by

Shouting out our sins,

And by poking us,

And prodding us,

And shaming us

For all our inconsistencies,

He strives to strengthen

Our resolve

To serve the Lord

Until we finally gain

The victory.

But is this

Really how the Bible says

The Holy Spirit

Tries to reach us?

By scolding us

If we falter or we sin?Jeremiah 31:3

Or by deriding us

If we stumble

Or we cave in?Hosea 11:3-4John 3:1-8