Certified So: Redefining Happiness
Feed Me First

Of the kingdom of God

On earth.Matthew 13:31-32Mark 4:30-32Luke 13:18-19


Then perhaps what Jesus

Really meant was

That a mustard seed of faith

Can move a mountain,Matthew 17:20

But only if it's genuine,

And certified as true.

And only if there's not

An ounce of doubt

In our heart

That disbelieves

What God can do.

But no,

Jesus never ever

Said it this way.

Nor did He ever indicate

That it's the quality,

And not the quantity

That matters.

And the reason why He didn't

Might surprise you.

Because how much

Flour and oil

Did the widow

Say she had?

About a mustard seed's worth,


And yet,

Even though

Elijah knew this,

Did he apologize

Because he asked her?

Or hypothesize

On how she ought to find

More food a little faster?

Or did he simply sigh

And say the Lord

Must have meant someone else?


He didn't.

In fact,

He seemed to think

A mustard seed-sized meal—

Was just enough for her

To do what with?

It was just enough for her

To have something in her hand

To give away!


What became of

Her meager measure,

The very moment that she did?