Certified So: Redefining Happiness
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And everyone around her

Wanted what she had?

But no,

Not from what

She told Elijah.


Then what about the strength

Of her relationship

With the Lord?

Was this the reason

Why the God of Heaven

Honored her,

Because she had it

All figured out?


Not from what

She told Elijah.

For in the land of Sidon,

Ashtoreth reigned supreme,1 Kings 11:5

Whom everyone

Believed to be the goddess

Of sensual love

And virility,

And everyone around her

Worshiped her.


Including Sidon's

Heathen king,

Who was the father

Of her royal wickedness,

Queen Jezebel,

Israel's evil queen,

And a major reason

For the drought.1 Kings 16:31


In light of all

We've come to know,

There is still one thing

We would really like to know.

Which is . . .

Why was she

Who knew not God,

And who had so little

Faith in God,

So richly blessed?

Simply put,

It was because

She understood the meaning of

The Mustard Seed Concept.

That it's not about

How much we have to have,

But rather

How little we have to have,

To have something