Certified So: Redefining Happiness

Were true.


Came to untwist it.

Because an eye for an eye

And a tooth for a toothLeviticus 24:20

Was deemed

More weighty a matter

Than mercy

Or forgiveness

Or turning the other cheek.Micah 6:8Isaiah 50:6

And sanctimonious

Public prayers

And flowing robes

And pious airsMatthew 23Mark 12:41-44

Had overshadowed

True humility

And sincerity

And doing good deeds

From the heart.Proverbs 14:31Colossians 3:12-15

But when Jesus came

To make it straight,

Those who loved it crooked

Found fault.

"Then the Pharisees

And scribes

Asked Him,

'Why do Your disciples

Not walk

According to the tradition

Of the elders,

But eat bread

With unwashed hands?'

He answered

And said to them,

'Well did Isaiah

Prophesy of you


As it is written:

'This people

Honors Me

With their lips,

But their heart

Is far from Me.

And in vain

They worship Me,

Teaching as doctrines

The commandments of men.' ' "Mark 7:5-7

In Bible times

Men taught

That pleasing God

To gain the blessing

That they sought

Was extremely difficult

And very hard.